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EP 209: Take Care of Your Own Carbon Footprint with Beth McDaniel

September 12, 2023 Lino Martinez, Psy.D.
A Little Less Fear Podcast The Dr. Lino Show
EP 209: Take Care of Your Own Carbon Footprint with Beth McDaniel
Show Notes

"We are the last generation to a have a chance at stopping climate change before it's too late." - Beth McDaniel. 
In this interview, Beth McDaniel discusses a new technology that's used by major medical facilities and NASA, to help facilitate a new era in bio-technology (carbon-removal technology), helping carbon removal. This new technology will allow us to individually do our part in removing our own carbon footprint. 


Harnessing the power of nature, Reactive Surfaces adds dynamic functionality to paints and coatings... "Bringing Coatings To Life™."

Employing proprietary and environmentally‑friendly enzyme and peptide technology, Reactive Surfaces strives to be the best and most innovative bioengineering company serving the worldwide paint and coatings markets.

In 2001, following the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, our founder, Steve McDaniel contemplated whether an enzyme capable of detoxifying organophosphorous pesticides could actually detoxify organophosphorous nerve weapons. He discovered that once it was entrained and stabilized in a coating system, that indeed the enzyme was functional against nerve weapons and remained functional for periods of time. Thus arose our first product…a bioengineered additive capable of constantly and consistently decontaminating and/or remediating chemical and biological threat agents.

Today, Reactive Surfaces is developing enzyme- and peptide-based additives for self-cleaning surfaces, biocidal surfaces, mould-inhibiting surfaces, deodorizing surfaces, textiles with reactive coatings, self-healing coatings and catalytic column coatings for liquid and gaseous waste-stream decontamination, and find itself in the unique position of being on the bleeding-edge of carbon removal technology.

Known in the industry as an innovation machine using cutting-edge bio-engineering to dynamically functionalize paints and coatings, Reactive Surfaces serves markets worldwide with an environmentally green enzyme and peptide technology. Reactive Surfaces develops these products from the proof-of-concept phase all the way to the shelf for its clients; products that will provide a healthier and better lifestyle for millions of people all around the globe.

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